Rules! (read before register)

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Rules! (read before register)

Beitrag  TiTus am So Apr 22, 2012 7:51 am

Followed, I listed the rules for this forum.
Please read it before u register!

Foreword: The forum is like a family, you have to pay attention on other members and you have to respect them! If you keep at it, we all can have a really nice stay in this forum.

§1 - Handling with users:

1.1: No one offended, disparaged, insult or discriminate other user! If this is seeing by a administrator or moderator, the user will be warned. If this warning was useless and he keeps going with it, he get - in the worst-case - banned and the account will be deleted.

1.2: Be nice to the other! Everyone have to respect the other.

§2 - How to post:

2.1: Make you clever before you write a new post. Find out if the article already exists. If you write a post with approximately the same contents, the post will be blocked and deleted!

2.2: Write clear statements about what the topic deals with. A clear heading is half the rent.

2.3: Express yourself considerably. Your contributions should be read and also understood by everybody! Abbreviations aren't permitted. Unless you describe her understandably for everyone at the end of the text!

2.4: Think about whether you respond to a topic. Unsuitable answers aren't seen with pleasure.

2.5: Changing or deleting available Posts is permitted to only the administrators and presenters. This makes sure that the contribution of one's own remains that way as he was meant.

2.6: Spamming uselessly into threads where it isn't attached is forbidden! If this should be disregarded, measures follow like in § 1; 1.1!

2.7: Links to other sides are permitted as long as these are neither racialist nor pornographic sides!

2.8: You can also post pictures but it is also limitedly.

2.9: All posts have to be written in english! Other languages won't be tolerated!

§3 –Presenters and administrators!

3.1: If an announcement is made on the part of a presenter or administrator, this has to be respected and adhered! If this shouldn't be the case, a caution occurs (see § 1; 1.1).

3.2: The clan leaders and the editor decide, who get witch rights for the forum. If a user shouldn't approve of his rights, he is welcome to write a complaint to the presenters/administrators.

3.3: In principle, applications on the presenter are declined. The leaders choose the presenters. For this knowledge in dealing with a forum and a good confidence in the person must be existing.

I wish all users a nice stay in the forum!

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